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We've all been trying to make sense of the senseless killings in Paris, Beirut, and Kenya. Pedram really wanted to capture an evolutionary perspective on this important subject so we can start to move forward. He invited important thought leaders for a roundtable conversation around how we can peacefully find a solution to terrorism in a way that's inclusive and well-thought through.

Here are the thought leaders who shared:

Gregg Braden
Stephen Dinan
Barbara Marx Hubbard
Elza Maalouf

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Tom Malterre joins Pedram Shojai on The Urban Monk Podcast this week to discuss toxic chemicals. In this engaging dialogue Tom reveals which toxic chemicals are affecting us in our everyday lives. Where they are coming from? He then goes on to explain how to avoid them as well as how to detoxify them from our bodies if you have been exposed. In a world that is full of potentially harmful toxins, this information is vital to maintain a healthy personal state.

Let us know what you are going to do in your lives to minimize your contact with harmful chemicals.

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In this weeks episode of The Urban Monk we have a very special guest. A Green Beret with 3 combat tours under his belt, Scott Mann joins Pedram Shojai. They discuss his hands-on experience on the ground in the war stricken Middle East and why our strategies there have failed. How can we strike a balance of having a positive influence in the Middle East while not creating immense instability?

Tune in and find out!

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World renown hydrologist and geologist John Lambie joins Pedram this week to discuss the water conditions around the world. John has worked with large companies and cities for over 30 years in water research and systems. He brings his expertise to this compelling episode where John and Pedram tackle the current state of water in our world on both a macro and micro level.

No matter where you live in the world water is a life essential. Let us know what you think!

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David Gershon, a visionary and founder of The Empowerment Institute is Pedram's guest this week! David works with the United Nations as a foremost thinker in behavioral change and community empowerment. In this episode he discusses the new projects he's been working on including the Cool City challenge which aims to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Tune in and let us know what you think of David's endeavors and if you think they really can change the world.

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