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This week legendary Futurist Duane Elgin joins Pedram Shojai in The Urban Monk Podcast! Duane has worked with the top echelons of government and written a multitude of books on the topic of humanity's future. He discusses his past experiences, what he's currently working on, and where he sees our evolution moving towards.

Do you agree with his predictions and views? Tune in and let us know!

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Guest Lewis Howes joins Pedram Shojai to discuss the importance of discovering what truly matters to us so that we may live fulfilling lives. He calls it discovering your greatness. Through his life's journey in sports and personal development he has found his path to greatness. In this podcast Lewis shares how his journey can profoundly impact yours.  

Let us know how this can be applied to your life.

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Guest Eugene Cooke is a badass urban farmer. He joins Pedram Shojai on this week's Urban Monk Podcast. Eugene discusses how Urban farming is done, the difference it can make in communities, and how any one of us can utilize small scale farming in their backyards.

Can the idea of urban farming help you?

Tune in and find Out!

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