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How aware are you of the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides? When it comes to food, you may be very aware. But what about the use of pesticides on the grass and plants at a nearby park? On this episode of The Urban Monk, Pedram Shojai welcomes three guests from Non-Toxic Irvine, a group that was concerned with the use of chemicals in Irvine, California. The guests are Ayn Craciun, Kim Konte, and Professor Bruce Blumberg. They share their story of how they became organized after they saw the declining health of people in their community. Irvine is frequently at the top of the list for safest large city in the United States, but that's regarding crime rates. It's a completely different story when it comes to personal health and safety against chemicals and pesticides. What was Non-Toxic Irvine able to accomplish? Are others being exposed to pesticides unknowingly in other cities? How can you check? And what can you do if you find out chemicals and pesticides are being used in the public areas near you?

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