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Trash is a part of everyone's lives. When consuming products, there's generally some waste that goes with it. We might make a big effort to recycle as much as we can, but there will always be something that just can't be recycled. At least in the United States, there is a lot of space for landfills. But what about other countries? Sara El-Yafi is the granddaughter of a former Prime Minister of the country of Lebanon. The entire country is about the size of Connecticut. There simply isn't enough space to just create more landfills and no one else wants trash dumped in their country. So what's the solution? Well, Sara has been working with various groups that have been spearheading new techniques that take everyday garbage and transforms it into useable energy. What does it mean to recycle something? What is up-cycling and how is it different? Is it enough to just use recycled goods and products?

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