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In many cultures, bone broth has long been considered a great healer. What is bone broth and what gives it such healing powers? Dr. Kellyann Petrucci has been a proponent of bone broth for years and joins the program today and talks with Pedram about the awesome power of bone broth. What has bone broth been proven to help? Is bone broth something we can buy in a store? Is it easy to make at home?
How hard is it to get into meditation? There are a lot of gurus out there coming from what seems to be a completely different world than the one most of us live in. Now enter Emily Fletcher. She comes from the world of Musical Theater which is a world of its own. Having been in shows such as The Producers and A Chorus Line, being an actor on Broadway is a high-stress profession. She discusses her time being an actor on Broadway and the toll performing eight shows a week, six days a week took on her. When she's working that much, how did she even find time to start meditating? But for someone as high-octane as Emily, what was she able to gain from meditation? How can the rest of us get into meditation? How much focus do we have to put to it? Do we jump right in or can we gradually fold it into our lives?

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