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Coming up starting on April 4th is National Youth Violence Prevention Week. What is considered youth violence and bullying? This week Pedram Shojai welcomes various members of SAVE, Students Against Violence Everywhere, to address this complex issue in a roundtable discussion. Joining Pedram are Jim Wise, Kit Evans, Maggie Adams, and Gerard Wheeler. In a national survey, the CDC reports that 8.1% of high schoolers report being in a physical fight in the last 12 months; 6.9% report being threatened or injured with a weapon; 19.6% report being bullied at school; and 14.8% report bullied electronically. What is SAVE and how does the organization work to reduce youth violence and bullying? How has bullying changed over the years? What role does technology play in bullying nowadays? Where does youth violence and bullying come from? Are there signs that can be identified to prevent bullying before it even occurs?

If you or someone you know is dealing with violence, you can reach out to SAVE at and find a chapter in your state.

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