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This week on The Urban Monk Pedram Shojai welcomes a man he met when he appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, Donovan Green. He's a certified ACE and IFA personal trainer, a black belt martial artist, a kick boxing instructor, an integrative nutritionist, and author the book No Excuses Fitness. Donovan is also Dr. Oz's personal trainer! It's hard to imagine that he grew up in a tough part of the Bronx. How did a young man growing up in the Bronx in the mid-1980s amidst the crack epidemic tough it out, resist the peer pressure, and get into the world of fitness? On top of all of that, he wasn't a fit child. How did fitness become a passion for Donovan? Now that he's a very fit person, is training and teaching still a passion for Donovan? How can someone struggling with their environment break through to find their own path to success?

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